Hello Kitty Jets

As some of you might know, I have a day job as a flight attendant. Sorry for the lack of posts this week dear followers, my day job has kept me preoccupied. With all things airline on my mind, I just had to share with you the MOST KAWAII AIRPLANES EVER : The Eva Air Hello Kitty Jet family.

This family of jets consists of 6 jets, that are all decorated with different themed Hello Kitty livery. The Hello Kitty experience goes even further with boarding passes, food, kiosks, and aprons for the flight attendants. A dream come true for anyone who wants to live in a Hello Kitty world. I hope one day I will get to experience these jets for myself!hello-kitty-eva-kiosk

Eva-Air-Hello-Kitty-3 sanrioplane50 120103-hellokitty-evaairways.photoblog600 hello-kitty-eva-bathroom eva-air-hello-kitty1

Check out the beautiful website:


2 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Jets

  1. Moritz says:

    It must be a really feeling flying in one of those, especially when thinking about the interior in hello kitty style. Anyway, they are kind of cool. Thanks for posting 🙂


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