Pokemon Jets!

Hey cacti! I just got so excited about these airplanes, I had to add an exclamation. Yesterday you guys seemed to like the Hello Kitty jets post, so today I am sharing with you yet another amazing livery: Pokemon ANA jets. I love Pokemon, and even dressed up as Pikachu for Halloween. I actually landed close to one of these jets a few months ago in Narita, and I was so exited to learn they existed. Who wouldn’t love to fly on a Pokemon themed jet?! The ANA Pokemon family consists of 9 jets, decorated inside and out with Pokemon characters. Just like the Hello Kitty Eva Air jets, the Pokemon experience includes flight attendants wearing theme aprons, food containers, headrest covers, and souvenirs for purchase. I’m not sure if the experience goes quite as far as with Eva Hello Kitty, because I could not find any photos or mention of the check in experience being different. Which airplanes do you like better? Hello Kitty or Pokemon? pokemon-ana pokemon-jet-ana-interior pokemon-cup-ana pokemon-engine-ana ana-pokemon-flight-attendantshttp://www.ana.co.jp/eng/flights/pokemonjet/main.html

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