Flower Market

Hong Kong has so many markets, and there is pretty much a market for anything and everything. This time I checked out one that I had never been to before: the flower market.

The flower market is busy and beautiful. There is so much colour everywhere you look, a wealth of gorgeous tropical blooms. I have probably seen more orchids in that stroll around the market then in my entire life combined. There were flowers I couldn’t even name, lush green houseplants, and bouquets of stuffed animals. Department stores around the market sell everything floral related that you can imagine.

One of the things I really love about Hong Kong is sometimes I am alone, but I am never uncomfortable. I work as a flight attendant, so sometimes I find myself in interesting cities. This time, my crew was a mix of ladies approaching retirement (who are very committed to avoiding jet lag and ordering in) and Chinese Canadian flight attendants with family obligations once we landed. In Hong Kong there are so many people everywhere you look, you never really feel alone. Asking for a table for one isn’t really as awkward as it is at home. I don’t understand any Cantonese though, so maybe I’m just clueless to it.

flower-market-hongkong flower-market-roses flower-market-green flowermarket-hk flower-market-bamboo bonsai-tree-hong-kong flower-market-cart animal-bouquets-hongkong flower-market-orchid flower-market-dracenia DSCF0538 orchid-cart flower-market-pom-pom flower-market-buds DSCF0537 DSCF0540 flower-market-blooms flower-market-pretty hong-kong-flower-market

Normally I post my travels to my other blog, paristokyonewyork.com but I feel like it’s time I shared some more personal things with all of you readers.

What do you guys think, do you want to see my occasional travel stories and photos here? Or should I stick to art and design? Let me know by liking (if you like this idea) or leaving a comment!

All photos taken by me with a Fujifilm X-A1.

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