Elephant Parade

One of the reasons I love visiting Hong Kong so much is that there is always some kind of interesting design event or installation going on. Here are some photos of the amazing elephant statues all beautifully painted.  They were a part of a project called “Elephant Parade” last summer, which raised millions for the conservation of elephants in Asia. A similar event has also been held in London, England. The designer elephants were displayed in and outside of shopping malls all around the city, and I really enjoyed checking them out outside of city gate outlets on my way to visit The Big Buddha (more photos from that trip here). elephant-parade3 palm-trees-hong-kong elephant-parade palm-trees-hong-kong-2 elephant-parade2 palm-tree-hong-kong  elephant-parade4 elephant-parade4blue-elephantSpeaking of animal conservation, lately I have been very saddened coming across lots of photographs of animal tourism on my social media feeds. Not only by people that I know or follow personally, but celebrities too. I love seeing travel photos, but it really breaks my heart to see people taking photos with endangered animals in “sanctuaries”, or on animal tours. There is tourism that genuinely involves observing animals in their natural habitats, and there are zoos with scientists that work hard to conserve and protect endangered animals. These animal tours and sanctuaries are very different then that. These animals are wild, they are not domesticated, should not and cannot be pets. They are seriously drugged up, with their nails and teeth filed down, so they won’t attack you. I don’t think that people who participate in these tours would continue to do so if they understood the cruelty it involves.

If you are considering participating in animal based tourism, please inform yourself and think carefully about it. A good place to start is by reading these links: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/expat/expatlife/11048530/The-dark-side-of-animal-tourism-in-Thailand.html

Sorry for the delay in posting everyone! I have had a crazy amount of things going on lately, and haven’t really had time to focus on anything fun. I’m back to the regular posting schedule now, and I have some surprises in store for you. Thanks so much for sticking with me! I really appreciate all of you read these posts, follow me, and comment/like on my posts 🙂

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