magical greenhouse hideout

Yesterday I went to explore one of the most magical places in Toronto: Allen Gardens. Allen Gardens is an oasis in an unlikely location. Just beyond Jarvis and Gerrard you will find Horticultural Ave and this stunning greenhouse.

Allen Gardens seems to be having a moment, trending on Instagram with lots of top bloggers raving about how perfect this little tropical retreat is at this time of year. It did not disappoint. Although I have lived in Toronto since 2007, I had never explored Allen Gardens a beautiful greenhouse and cactus house in a historical building. Entry to the gardens is free, and as you would expect, a popular place.

The warm air greeted us, and the delicate scents wafted through the air. My friend and I agreed, it was like a mini vacation. Palms, colourful cacti, and gorgeous blooms against the steamy glass distracted us from the long winter we’ve been suffering. I am completely crazy for tropical plants, I think in a past life I must have been a botanist or lived in a jungle or something.

I was really surprised not to see any brides doing wedding photographs considering how romantic it was. We left relaxed and disappointed that we had only forgotten it was still -5 outside.

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All photos taken by me with a Fujifilm X-A1 🙂

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