Yosemite Valley

On the second morning of my trip to Yosemite, I took a tour of the valley floor. It is led by the park rangers, and you drive around in an open air tram. It was a very good way to get a feel for the park on the first morning, learn a little about the history, and what hikes would be ideal. The tour guides touch on the geological formation of the park, as well as aboriginal legends.

The half dome was formed, according to legend when a woman and her husband were walking through the valley and arguing. The husband became very angry and chased his wife, intending to harm her, and she dropped her basket as she fled from him. The over turned basket was turned into the half dome. The couple were turned into stone for eternity, as a reminder to all visitors to be peaceful and kind to one another. If you look closely, you can see make out the shape of a woman’s profile with tears running down the cheek.

The valley is a magical place, and the views are stunning.

half-dome-tunnel-view el-capitan-yosemiete yosemite-peak yosemite-valley-floor tunnel-view-yosemite half-dome north-dome DSCF1055 tunnel-viewDSCF1017 DSCF1028 DSCF1029 DSCF1012 DSCF1011  I will post my photos of the waterfalls next 🙂

All photos by me with a Fujifilm X-A1. Please note that all photos from this website may not be reproduced without my consent.

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