Hike the Bruce

The Bruce Trail is Canada’s oldest footpath along the Niagara Escarpment (a UNESCO biosphere reserve) it spans over 800 km of main trail alone. It is beautiful and green, dotted with many waterfalls. As the leaves turn, I am sure it is even more lovely then it was a few weeks ago. If you want to be really cool, you can even get an app that tracks your movements while you hike the trail and you won’t have to muck around with a paper map.

Growing up, my family loved going for nature walks on the weekends, and my this is still an activity I really enjoy. I love the busyness and convenience of city life here in Toronto, but I always make the effort to spend time in nature on a regular basis. Sometimes this just means going for a walk by the lake, or visiting my parents house in the country. Other times it is something big, like my trip to Mt Athabasca, Yosemite,  or my upcoming adventure this Wednesday to Mount Whitney. I have hiked up something as big as Mount Whitney before and this is going to be a real challenge! I am kind of nervous, but at the same time I trust my body and I have been training hard for many months.

This training has given me real confidence in my physical fitness, and maybe I’m crazy but it seems like my abs are starting to poke up through the surface. It has also been such a major stress relief, and really not inconvenient at all. At first I was like “omg when am I gonna have time to workout!?” but it’s really not a problem. I don’t feel I have scarified anything other than a bit of junk TV I should not be watching anyways.

For my 26th birthday, my father and I hiked all day along the Bruce Trail. A good little training for our big trip coming up this weekend!

To finish it off we celebrated with a big dinner of bbq. YUM.

bruce-trail-1 bruce-trail-2 bruce-trail-3 bruce-trail-4 bruce-trail-5 bruce-trail-6 bruce-trail-7 bruce-trail-8

To learn more about the Bruce Trail, visit their website brucetrail.org

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