Glacier Point – Yosemite

On our last day, we explored Glacier Point.

It was very foggy, adding a layer of mystery haha but we didn’t get to see the great views of the valley. It was a different mood from the other hikes, very easy walk and very tranquil and relaxed. If you are in Yosemite for a vacation and don’t want a hike that is too hardcore this is great! The next morning we left the park very early and were surprised to find it was snowing. In April, this is not what I expected in California, but it was nice to see all of the different sides to the valley and all of the different weather systems. It really reminds you how much control nature and weather has over your daily lives when you are spending so much time outdoors. It is so easy to forget when you spend most of your time in the city. That is the best part of these kinds of adventures.

lone-pine-glacier-point glacier-point-yosemite view-glacier-point-yosemite yosemite-tourist yosemite-falls-glacier-point yosemie-valley glacier-point-sign yosemite-valley-2 twisted-pine-glacier-point

It is so quiet in the comments lately! I love to hear from all of you readers, that is what makes me excited to blog.

3 thoughts on “Glacier Point – Yosemite

  1. Ian Hamlin says:

    I’ve just visited Yosemite for the first time, it was fantastic but the road to Glacier Point road was closed for three days in anticipation of the snow storm – that never came (we had few flurries only) so it’s great to see what we missed, thanks!

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    1. ColoufulCactus says:

      When we were there the road had just opened up. But leaving Camp Curry we had to take a detour because only cars with chains on their tires were allowed!

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