The Aquarium of the Bay

If you follow me on instagram, then you already know that last week I was lucky to spend some time in San Francisco. The crew hotel is in Fisherman’s Wharf, a great neighbourhood with lots to do. I walked up to Pier 39, to see the sea lions. On late spring days, sometimes there are up to 600 sea lions in this area! I was really impressed with how big some of them are, because when I think of a seal I imagine something small. Boats used to be allowed in this area, but for the past 25 years it has been illegal to preserve the sea lions. An earthquake left these cuties homeless, and they migrated there.

Inspired by the animals, I headed over to the Aquarium of the Bay. I was originally planning to take a boat tour of the bay, but I realized I had forgotten my camera and had to make do with an iphone. The boat tour will have to happen another time!

I’m not such a fan of Aquariums and zoos that are only for entertainment, but The Aquarium of the Bay does a lot of great conservation work. One of the projects they have is to preserve octopus that get caught in the nets of crab fishermen. These octopus like to munch on crab, and as you can imagine this does not end well for them. The aquarium offers a reward to fishermen to bring them the octopus in good condition.

aquarium-of-the-bay-starfish fisherman's-wharf-san-francisco aquarium-of-the-bay-manta-ray fish-and-chips jelly-fish-aquarium-of-the-bay palm-tree-california

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