I had an amazing trip to Singapore for some much needed vacation. Singapore is a really interesting place, one that makes Canadian “multiculturalism” a total joke. A major port city, Singapore attracts people from all over the world.  For the most part, everyone takes the subway and you see all kinds of people (and ethnic foods) in the markets. In Singapore, almost everything is in at least four languages. The subway has a “happy voice” in Mandarin, Malay, English, and Tamil, which are all of Singapore’s official languages. Because of this diversity, you can find any product you ever dreamed could exist. This also makes Singapore a foodie paradise. Cars are super expensive, and you need to be granted a (pricey) permit to buy one in the first place. So there is no traffic. Ever.

Everyone groaned at me: “Oh why go there? So expensive!”, but I was lucky in that I did not have to pay for a hotel. We stayed in a friend’s house. Sure, you can stay in a really luxe hotel, and go to fancy restaurants with famous chefs every night. There is no shortage of luxury in Singapore. Just like any big city. Or you can live a little… explore some tropical gardens and beaches, eat in some night markets or hawker centers, take the train instead of a cab. Just like any big city, you have options.

Don’t break the law in Singapore. Or you are the stupidest person alive, and maybe then not for long! However harsh the laws may seem, it makes for a very safe and very clean place. Teenagers stay out late at night. Women don’t get yelled at in the street. I did not see one single piece of litter, and even police officers are very far and few between.

Lucky for me, I am still on vacation, but going back to reality on Friday. I have so many more stories and photos that I am really excited to share here. At least that will keep me in vacation bubble for a little while 🙂

Big changes happening in my life too: I’m getting married! Yay!

singapore-merlion singapore-little-india singapore-clarke's-quay singapore-temple-embrodiery singapore-sentosa-island singapore-arab-street singapore-esplanade

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