City In A Garden

Singapore is touted as a city in a garden, and its politicians have encouraged greening the city for the over 50 years. Wherever you go in this bustling metropolis, you aren’t far from lush tropical gardens.

The Singapore Botanical Gardens, Fort Canning Park, and The Gardens by the Bay are all amazing places to spend an afternoon. Bring your walking shoes! At Fort Canning Park on top of the hill you will suddenly feel as if you are in a jungle. Another highlight for me was the Singapore Botanic Gardens foliage garden. If you are willing to make a day of it, Sentosa offers a beautiful beach with amazing greenery once you get past all of the vegas style resorts and casinos.

In Singapore, you will even find gardens where you least expect them. Visiting the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum, I was delighted to stumble upon an amazing rooftop orchid garden.

singapore-green-gardensingapore-flowers singapore-botanical-garden singapore-garden ferns-singapore singapore-tree fort-canning-park-2 singapore-papaya-tree fort-canning-park singapore-garden-flower sentosa-island-beach foliage-singapore sentosa-sinagpore singapore-foilage sentosa-island-bridgeorchid garden

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