Fall Camping in Ontario

Hi everyone! I know I have been silent on here, ’cause my life has been pretty wild.

I got married in September so every spare minute I had all summer was spent planning and preparing for the wedding. At the same time I changed careers into web development, freelanced a bunch, and got a new job. As awesome as all of these changes have been, I have been left with no time to travel which I really missed.

Finally, a couple weeks after the wedding,  I was able to take a four day camping trip up to Killarney Provincial Park with some friends. We paddled for hours to reach our backcountry campsite, out of cell phone service to enjoy four uninterrupted days of nature. If you plan to camp in late September, make sure you pack your woolies. I was cold at night, but happy to swim and cliff dive in the day.


The leaves hadn’t quite started to turn yet, and I can imagine the park is just gorgeous now with the fall colours. We did “the crack” hike on our second day, which was short but quite rugged for many of the weekend hikers. The crack is accessible from the drive up campsites so it was very busy. Of course, it was NBD for a mountaineer like myself 😉


After a long paddle through the pouring rain, we made it into town for some well deserved fish and chips.

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