Hi everyone!

This weekend I was crazy lucky with my schedule. I found myself with two nights in Havana. My crew knew all the good spots to go to and had been there many times before. I guess a lot of people have the beach resort experience of Cuba, but this was nothing like that. Our hotel was very nice, but not all inclusive. The first night we went to dinner at El Cocinero which is an amazing restaurant inside of an old cooking oil factory. The design is amazing. There is a huge smoke stack that is the entrance and then you go up to the rooftop patio.

elcochineroYou can take the stairs up to the smoke stack, and there is a huge chandelier made of snorkels! I wish I had gotten better photos, but it was so dark and late at night this one from flickr will give you a better idea. We ate a bunch of yummy tapas and the mojitos just kept on coming.

8062791208_46f5e5b457_bphoto by Sergio Lubezky

I wish I had more photos. For some reason I had it in my mind that they had the same plug ins as we do here in Toronto and didn’t bring a converter. Usually I can get one from the hotel desk, but there was a fee and I wanted to spend it on mojitos instead 😉 Soon I will be getting a new photo with a better camera so at least I will have a decent backup if I have camera issues. Oh well that’s just how it goes sometimes.

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