beautiful day in the neigbourhood

The more I am away, the more being at home feels like a treat.

Going to my regular gym where the instructors and PTs know me, cooking with my fully stocked cupboards, and running into neighbours in the shops feel really cozy. It’s the little things.

Yesterday my boyfriend and I came across a listing for a little coach house we are thinking of renting, so if that works out we will be living a little more west then we do now. It will be like living in a tiny house! Fingers crossed that will work out, but our current apartment is completely fine if it doesn’t. That said I’m gonna be on the look out for tiny houses to rent in the area. I love our neighbourhood, and there have been a lot of super cute things popping up around here lately.



It seems that the city wide war on graffiti has finally ceased, and we are getting some pretty interesting murals and witty tags cropping up around here.


I’ve also been spotting magical little things here and there: the little free library. I completely adore this idea, as I do with most “sharing economy” related things. I think it’s such a cool way to recycle and promote literacy, so today I went and stuck a book in there.


General sentiments of neighbourly-ness and good vibes are what makes my ‘hood such a great place to live in.

Tell me about your neighbourhood, what cool things have you been noticing lately?

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