Phuket – Thailand

Over 18 hours of travel, and I finally landed in Phuket aka paradise. I met my friend there who is teaching English in China. For her, it was only 3 hours away and I was genuinely jealous! We stayed in Phen Siri House, and it was super cozy and spotless. Probably the cleanest hotel I have ever seen.

The first night was hilarious, I was pretty tired but determined to go out anyways. We met a Canadian guy in a bar, who was retired and lived there. I am very cautious when meeting new people in bars, but it turns out this guy was just happy to meet other Canadians. He hung out for a bit chatting with us, then left with no ulterior motive. When we went to pay our bill the bar tender told us he had already paid for all of our drinks for the night. And he hadn’t even been creeping on us at all. Sweet deal!

Anyways at one point I had to go to the washroom. The guy hanging out with us told me to cross the street and go to the washroom there. He said it was a ladyboy house and they kept it very clean. I was happy to see how integrated transgender people are in Phuket (not just working in bars), but I still wasn’t sure quite why our friend found this information relevant to the toilet situation.

The toilet was super clean, and they even had paper and soap! The luxury! FYI always carry kleenex and hand sani when traveling in Asia 😉

This is where I learned how to manually flush a toilet. Let’s just say it was super awkward. If you find yourself in a washroom with no flush, and a bucket and some rain barrel looking thingy you are supposed to fill the bucket with water and pour it down. Learning new things everyday…

Sorry if this story is TMI but if you travel to Thailand and leave the hotel at all it really is essential information! ;P

It’s the off season right now, so overall it was very relaxed and tranquil. We felt like we were the only ones around a lot of the time. There are also some super cute little lizards, and I am happy to report I did not see any scary bugs or snakes!

Phuket-Thailand-Lizard Phuket-Beach-Thailand Bamboo-fence-phuket Phuket-at-night

We got up early and headed to the ferry to Koh Phi Phi, which is a real party island and a totally different vibe. More from that part of the trip to come.

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